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Digital ventures need to build sustainable competitive advantage to ensure a long-term profitability.

We identify their key business and financial challenges. We propose highly-defendable strategies and smooth implementation plans, together with growth monitoring policies and development metrics.

Market and Competitive Analysis

We provide comprehensive market assessment, focusing on customers, competition and dynamics. We perform benchmarks to identify the major strengths and weaknesses of the company. We can also organise quantitative or qualitative surveys to measure market dynamics, customer’s perception or even unexploited business opportunities.

Business Plan and Strategic Decisions

We build up structured business plans covering all the various strategic topics (market analysis, product development, pricing policy, cost structure, operational processes, investment plans, staff and management....). We identify needs of key resources and we propose the most relevant strategic decisions through adapted tools and methodologies.

Project Planning and Management

We provide expertise to develop and smoothly implement each project phase, starting with a definition of priorities and an identification of major risks. We propose a project structure with suitable decision-making processes and adapted monitoring that can ensure the project’s concrete achievement.

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