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Digital Ventures emerge and grow through creation of new markets and/or disruption in existing ones.

We identify the ground-breaking value of innovations and their potential long-term market impact.

We help designing the most relevant business models and winning Go-to-Market strategies.


Innovation assessment

For each innovation, we analyse various use cases and assess their disruption potential. We help designing future steps in the innovation development from early protyping towards the market and beyond.

Targeted users & value proposition

We identify potential users and define critical customer segments to target. We develop sound value propositions taking into account market expectations but also the premium value created by the innovation.


Business Models

We consider potential business models upon multiple dimensions (competitive environment, cost structure, long-term industry dynamics ...) and we help our clients designing the most credible and valuable.

Go-to-Market strategies

We screen market stakeholders/business partners (service providers, distributors, influencers...) and we define the market launch path supported by a bend of marketing, communication and business development.


CBO Consulting is a member of the Association des Conseils en Innovation (Paris)

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